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Harry Potter Studio Tour: What You Need to Know

The Harry Potter Studio is located at Watford on the edge of the city of London. This is an isolated location. Getting to the Harry Potter Studio is usually a challenge for people who stay in central London. Among the first things, you will first see when the doors of the studio are opened the stone reliefs of the Hogwarts crest together with the long tables. Before anything else, there are some tips which you need to get to know to make the most of your tour in the Harry Potter Studio.

More like a Museum than a tour

 Although the Harry Potter Studio tour is called a tour, you have to book a specified ticked for a particular timeslot. The studio itself is more like a museum.  The first thing you will do is watch an introductory film with other people who are in your ticketed timeslot then from there you will have the privilege of entering through the Great hall doors. After this, you are all on your own and are free to explore inside the studio.

The movies concerning Harry Potter touch many people, and this can be proven by how many people come to the studio even on slow days. This should show you that the place is ever crowded.  If you are a person who does not like crowds, make sure you select an earlier timeslot. Make sure you also take all the time that you need. This is because you have the freedom to stay in the Studio tour for as long as you want to stay.

Observe details

You need not rush while on the Harry Potter Studio tour. Make sure you stop and observe details. This is because even the little details in the studio are quite impressive. Everything made in the Harry Potter Movies was made with people who paid close attention even to small detail. This is why you are advised not to rush while on the Harry Potter Studio tour. Just take your time, and you will be amazed by what you learn about the making of the Harry Potter Movies. On tour, you get the chance to look at certain exciting things like for example, the etching on the Goblet of Fire. If you stop and observe even the little details in the studio, you will be in a position to notice every stitch on the embroidered costumes in the Harry Potter Movies.

Inside Tales About the making of the Films

While on your tour, you will have the opportunity to hear some of the stories of how the films were made. If you have any questions concerning the Harry Potter studio tour, make sure you ask the guides. Don’t be shy to talk to them; they are there to help you and to guide you along the tour. In the tour you will also have the opportunity to chat with muggles in your group about wonderful topics about magic

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