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Common Problems with Streaming College Football, And How to Fix Them

College football is one of the most amazing sports contents ever created. If you have been following up with the current bowl season, you will testify to that too.

All the ups and downs will soon be over as we look forward to the final showdown in just a matter of days now.

Before then, though, all the games in-between are just as worth watching as the next one. The problem is, many could have one thing or the other standing in their way of getting these games. To that, we say, ‘what could possibly be wrong?’

The cost of cable TV

We don’t even want to get started on this one.

No matter how you look at it, cable TV is not cheap. Of course, they try to match the offering with all the channels they give you. What if you were not interested in all those channels and just wanted to get your college football?

From what we have seen too, this does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Competitive pricing plans might sprig up, but cable is never going to be cheap.


Dump cable and look for alternative streaming platforms. These days, you will find out that not only cable TV carries those channels which gives you access to the college football live stream.

From as low as $25/ month, you can get supported channels on Sling TV and tune in anytime you like. You even get to enjoy other channels too.

Some other platforms we can recommend are YouTube TV, Sling TV and Hulu with Live TV, among others. PlayStation Vue is yet another platform for Sony entertainment lovers.

The best part is that some of these platforms offer as much as 14 days on a free trial package, helping you better decide if they meet your needs or not.

Game Blackouts

So, a game is playing in your area. You get back from work with the hopes of catching such a game on TV and boom, you see that it is not available for your area. Guess what? You have just been subjected to game blackouts.

They are usually imposed by the promoters of the games to drive more people to the fields. It doesn’t even matter if you had the most expensive cable plan running. This can ruin the veering experience for just about anyone.


Get yourself a VPN. Since these blackouts are location-specific, you could just connect to another server location different from yours and stream the games from there. Of course, this fix doesn’t work with cable but on streaming platforms (such as the ones we mentioned above).

Launch your VPN, connect to a server location where the game is not blacked out and stream from there.

Geo-blocking of the content

Did you know that college football is not aired to other countries besides the US? That is because they are the main markets and are not intended for anywhere else.

If you are living outside the States or travelling at the time of the games, you don’t have to lose all hope. A VPN will get you out of that bind again.

From wherever you are, launch your VPN and connect to a US server location. That will help you show up as being in the States – a supported market. Login to your choice streaming platform and start watching online without hassles.


You shouldn’t have to doubt these based on how easy they look. How about you try them out for yourself and see how well they work?

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