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Backing Tracks – What Are They and What Are They Used For?

Chances are that you’ve heard of backing tracks but maybe you’re not quite sure what they are or what they’re actually used for. A backing track is an audio recording, usually in MP3 or a similar form, like Compact Disc, that contains part or all of the instrumental recording of ...

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What is Gospel Music?

The term “gospel music” actually surrounds many sub categories, from the traditional Negro spirituals to the most present day Christian “Praise and Worship” songs used in current worship services. This style generally deals with Christian religious themes which are based on sacred texts and traditions. Gospel music evolved from two ...

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Ideas for a Great Kids Birthday Parties

Everybody has birthdays and magicians are frequently known as upon to operate their magic spells for your bday like a 21st birthday, or simply a special anniversary. Kids birthday parties for kids usually begin with when they’re 12 months old to when they’re 8 or 9. The parties for that ...

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